Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Long and the Short

Hi Carla! Sorry for being lazy. I was still thinking of what to put in the blog. I wanted to put some of the pics from my trip but there's so many. I still have to dig through the heap.

Anyway, here i am! I have 2 dresses to share. Both are from HK, gifts from my mom since i didn't get to go with them this July.

One is a long flowery type dress, the other a shorter one, with a little crochet around the shoulders. I both love it but i haven't worn it outside the house! hahaha!

So, Short or Long?

I think both!



samsam said...

both so pretty! :)

anacomsie said...

ang ganda but i'm a short dress person since... i'm short. mukha kang walng kamay sa second! hahaha