Tuesday, September 16, 2008

look what i made

so carla made me feel bad and guilty for not posting :p but i swear, i haven't been going out lately! i have been however busy making ..things. and so, to make up for my poor blog etiquette, i jumped into my newest "creations" (umm that sounded yech..lol) and attempted my best to get some pictures (which hopefully explains the weird poses)

disclaimer: i know it's not summer and it's not particularly swimsuit season,but i live near the beach and for me it always is. besides this is the philippines..

check out the matching head scarf :p


full view attempt. id forgotten where the timer was n this camera so a no face will have to do

closer view with the weird hunchy pose

here's the second one. i'm really into strapless suits ok, don't shoot me and i heart neon!

ooohhh you can also wear it like this :p

so hypothetical question: if i sold these, would you get some??? :)

1 comment:

anacomsie said...

me i will but i have to lose weight first! hahaha