Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Outfit posts: The Loong Weekend

For lack of a better term, my long weekend was jam-packed! LOL! So without further ado..outfits..

1. I wore my Kinaham dress when I went malling with my sister..oh wait..this wa slast weekend, oh well :p

2. Shobe's party: I forgot to take a full body shot. I just wanted to capture the milkmaid braids that I've ben trying out to beat the heat! I did it myself :p What do you think of it?

3 -4. The beach with Jula and Giselle. #4 was my attempt at a Rumi pose.

5. Bohol with Luisa,John, Cybill, iselle( Not included in the pic) and Myself. Going for the Hippie Vibe.

How was your weekend?


anacomsie said...

we have the same shoes in the first pic i think! mine's red nga lang. haha.

loved your hair when i saw it in facebook! wet look becomes you! xoxo

vainbrattyprincess said...

hahaha! we do? :) what hair? in what pictures? -sam

anacomsie said...

are those from celine? i have it in red!

hair in #2! sabi mo sweaty me. haha